The Reasons Why Swimmers Shave Their Chest

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To be a professional swimmer there are definite things that you will want to do. You need to exercise quite a bit and study the special techniques and shape up your upper body strength. You likewise have to ensure that you shave off every inch of yourself including your chest hair.

Leastways this is what we were told. It seems that that all swimmers we see in the Olympics or pro teams have clean bodies with not a pinch of hair on their manicured chest. So why is this? Is it true that it can make them travel quicker then before?

Master swimmers will tell you that they do this in order to better their techniques as well as their speed. It assists them to coast easily through the water with no chances of being swept down by all of that chunk of hair that dwells on their chest. It also helps them to travel faster through the water.

What most individuals do not acknowledge is that they also select to take away the hair because it takes off the dead skin cells on the top of the skin. By doing this they are permitting the newer and more tender skin cells to appear and therefore allow their skin to be able to handle the feel and temperature of the water.

It is natural for our body to throw off the dead skin cells – but by shaving chest hair and other regions of their bodies they are making a point that it is done more frequently and with better outcomes. It feels great to them when they enter the water and permits them to move with ease and comfort and to coast easily all over the water.