Chest Hair Removal Procedures

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Not all everyone welcome hair on particular parts of their bodies, particularly on the chest. Chest hair is viewed by many as an indication of manhood. Alternatively, when hair is absent, the muscles are more noticeable. Some men find it very annoying and unappealing. Consequently, there are men who are pleases to wear their chest hair while others would do anything possible to eliminate them forever. It is not usual for women to grow chest hair but some women do. This is as a result of hormonal imbalances also known as hirsutism. This can result in a lack of self confidence and lowered self-esteem in these women. Since it is not ladylike to have hair all over the chest, these women will surely welcome any procedure to free them of this unwanted hair. To meet the demand for chest hair elimination schemes, new products and innovative technology have been developed. The elimination of chest hair depends on the amount of hair to be removed, the time you have available and what you can pay for. Chest hair can be removed by shaving, sugaring, waxing, threading, and using special crèmes or by laser technology.

1. Shaving

Removing hair can be done by simply by shaving it off. The drawbacks with this option is that the hairs grow back very quickly and the continuous use of razors will lead to irritation. If you opt to shave your chest, you will be required to do it very often and you may be able to completely remove the hairs.

2. Sugaring

Using this technique, a mixture is made by combining sugar and lemon juice and other natural ingredients. The process is similar to waxing. In that, the mixture is smeared all over the chest and then ripped off sharply to remove hairs directly from the roots. The procedure can be done quickly and is affordable as the ingredients are common in a average home.

3. Waxing

Waxing can effectively rid the chest of unnecessary hair but it is an extremely painful procedure and the results will only last for a few weeks. In this technique, a hair removal wax is applied to the chest covering all noticeable hairs. The wax is usually heated. After it has been completely applied, a strip is pressed firmly on the chest and then it is ripped sharply away from the chest. The hairs are pulled right out of the roots leaving the chest smooth and silky for up to 8 weeks. However,, waxing comes with many disadvantages. It can cause itchiness, redness and also minor bleeding. If it is done incorrectly it can lead to hairs breaking instead of pulling out and this will in turn lead to faster regrowth. The process can also be costly.

4. Using special chest hair removal products

There are a number of hair removal crèmes and lotion available that can eliminate undesired chest hair. They are very easy to use – you simply apply the product and then wash off. However, the chemicals may lead to itching and redness.

5. Laser Technology

If you dislike to shave or cannot bear the pain and messiness faced by the other methods, then laser technology is the choice for you. Though expensive, this is the best choice to removing chest hair forever. It successfully works to leave chest smooth and silky for longer periods than any of the above-mentioned options. Due to the major advancements in laser technology, the process is safer and less painful than ever before. During the process, the hair follicles are ruined so that new hair growth cannot occur. The major disadvantage to using laser technology is that if you should be discontented with the outcome you cannot undo the damage.